Courtesy Listings

This page is used as a courtesy for people looking to place unwanted/found dogs and cats.  Releashed Rescue is not involved with any of the animals listed below. In order to obtain information regarding these pets you'll need to contact the person listed as the contact for each pet. Releashed Rescue doesn't know anything about these animals and is serving only to help spread the word about their availability. Any adoptions made through this page are through the individuals themselves and has no affiliation with Releashed Rescue.  All dogs listed on this page are up to date on vaccines and are spayed or neutered.


Courtesy Listing - Sammy // 5 yo UTD, neutered Great Pyrenees x Border Collie


Hi! My name is Sammy and I'm just an easy-going, loving and loyal, quiet guy. My mom got very sick with Alzheimer's and had to get help with her own care in a place I could not go. I was very loved and well-taken care of and miss her very much. I'm doing OK adjusting to a new life in my foster home. My foster family tells me I am very special and that they'd like for me to stay forever. I see them cry when they talk about me leaving, but they already have a full zoo. So, I guess I'm going to need to pack my bags one more time. 


I'm not energetic like a husky, but I do really enjoy long walks and will even run with my foster family for a couple of miles. My foster family took me to their various Christmas gatherings and hiking on New Years and I was a very good boy - everyone that meets me falls in love with me because I'm just so chill. 


I'm very laid back with all other animals. My foster family has 4 cats and even though they try to sit on me or lick me I just move over to give them space. There are also two energetic huskies here. At first, I was overwhelmed by their jumping and play but they got used to me not wanting to play and now we all just walk and nap together. I like to be around them, but I'm glad they don't bother me to play anymore. 


I've noticed when I'm out walking with these huskies they are always pulling to chase things in the trees - I don't do that. Walks are for sniffing the ground and peeing on stuff not trying to climb trees! I walk very calmly and politely on a leash - I've been trying to teach the huskies this but instead I get put out front on a lead with the big one - I think I'm supposed to pull the human? What is this nonsense! I have learned a few things here though - apparently "on by" means I'm not supposed to sniff or pee on the thing. Always in a rush around here - I think they are missing out on all the things to sniff!


I'm not a trick dog - secretly, I don't think these huskies are either, but I guess their humans need to channel their energy into other activities besides their running and silly squirrel chasing. I know sit and down, but like a typical Great Pyrenees, I am very slow getting there. I do like treats though so just give me a second and I will do it!  My foster mom says I am the most gentle treat taker - I just like to savor all things and don't see much of a point of rushing around. Anyways, there seems to be plenty of treats around here!  And, I'm polite and don't jump and I always use the potty outside (ugh, I hate going out when it's raining though so I'll just hold it, thank you!) - so what more do I really need to know? I'm a good boy! 


I will happily go into a crate and rest there quietly. I think I could be left out in the house fine, but my foster parents are cautious with all their other animals so I take a nice nap in my crate when they leave.   


I would like a home with a kind, soft spoken and present family. I don't mind kids, but I'd rather be in a quiet home. I'd make a great companion for another older dog who just wants to chill together - or I could be your forever loyal only dog! I won't ask for much - you'll hardly hear a peep out of me unless I see you getting the leashes down - please don't leave me behind on a walk! My foster dad once tried to take the huskies out without me and I was very sad and convinced foster mom to quit work early so I could go too. My tags say "couch potato" - and I do love napping on couches, but I won't ever pass up a walk. I really enjoy being near my humans - I am a very loving and loyal guy. I like car rides too. I just stare out the back window grinning at the other cars. We get honked and waved at sometimes - I think I must be very handsome. 


Speaking of handsome, I have a very soft and long coat and the most majestic tail! My foster mom dyed it rainbow colors and now everyone we see tells me how cool I am! I will require some grooming to make sure I don't get tangles and my long hairs don't grow over my feet. I do shed a good bit - and like any double-coated breed, please don't even think of shaving my majestic furs! 


I'm up to date on my shots and well-vetted. I come with a 3-year medical report! 


If you or someone you know would like to meet me - please call or text my foster mom, Sara Hensel - 678-429-5311. She says she will be very picky about my forever family because she loves me very much and isn't in a rush for me to leave.