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Our Mission

     Releashed Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing Siberian Huskies and other working dogs from Georgia and surrounding states high-kill shelters, rehabilitating those that need training and rehoming them into permanent loving homes.

     Releashed Rescue will provide food, shelter, basic necessities, medical treatment including shots and spay or neuter, and work to train any animal going through our program. Our goal is to find the right family to love and care for the animals for their lifetime.

     Releashed Rescue has a vision of a world where animals are not killed because they are inconvenient.  Instead, we hope to educate the public about pet over-population, spay , neuter, humane treatment of animals and how animals can enrich the lives of people including the elderly, children and those with disabilities.

Releashed Rescue Honorary Husky Foster Dog
Recommended dog trainers

Carl Morgan with Lakeview Kennels

Releashed Rescue Recommended Dog Trainer

Dennis Vander Linde with Canine Relations

Releashed Rescue Recommended Dog Trainer
Releashed Rescue Blog Recommendation
 Information on homeopathic remedies 
Releashed Rescue Information on Homeopathic Remedies
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