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Balto is a one year old full of energy and always in play mode. He likes other dogs and shows mild curiosity with the cats. He loves leash walks and playing with his most dog pals. He has good house manners and is crate trained. Fully vetted. Balto will need a home experienced with the Husky breed. He knows basic obedience commands and is learning more all the time.


Kelly is about 10 months to a year and we think she is a welsh husky or a corusky. She was definitely someone’s pet but was picked up as a stray. She knows some basic commands and is super affectionate. She will be an easy addition to a family.


A crappy life he had. He’s is going to have a new loving life from the day you pulled him from animal control. We like the name Vader. He’s a tough boy, he’s been through so much, Just like Darth Vader & his fur is so black & we love Star Wars!

He talked a lot last night. He hasn’t pottied in his crate. He has met our girls & did great. He is now going into his crate on his on!. Giving him a break from the cone when I can watch him. He’s found the dog toy box & taken several bones & a toy in his crate! I’m getting him to sit for his treats! He’s a really good boy!. Also car ride back home last night, he rides great!


Genevieve came out of Animal Control south of the city. She is super shy but we are working to bring her out of her shell. Stay tuned for more updates as we get to know this sweet girl.