My foster mom says I’m perfect in every way except maybe I still like to chew. Who could blame me? There are so many wonderful things here: pillows,blankets, plants. I am about a year to a year and a half. I have the most beautiful lightning bolt of blue in my left eye. I love my crate. I am crate and housetrained! I like my crate so much I can just sit here and watch the world go by. If you hear me making noise you know I have to go outside. But I am rarely vocal. My foster mom adores me because I get along with all of her dogs. She’s got a bunch! She has a rule of no dogs on the furniture. Lol She always breaks that rule! I love to play in the yard. I especially like it when you chase me but you could never catch me!!If you’re looking for a perfect companion to round out your pack, just ask for Nova!


When she first came to me, I spent the first 5 days having to pretend like she wasn’t there, avoiding eye contact and not getting in her space. She spent that time carefully watching my 3 dogs. She would copy what they did and started learning the ropes of the house. After that, she slowly started engaging with the me. When my dogs would come over for pets, she would come check me out a little bit.

When no one else is around, she has grown to be very sweet and loving towards me. She enjoys cuddles and pets and sharing the bed. She’s still very afraid of my husband and anyone else that comes to the house. She will likely pick one person in the household to trust and it’ll take time for her to learn that she’s safe and taken care of.

She absolutely needs a home with at least one confident dog. A dog that she can watch and learn from.

NO KIDS!!!! Even the most well mannered kids are fast and always on the go. Nora needs a quiet and calm house that she can feel safe in.

If you think you have the time, love, and patience for this girl, please submit your application on our website.


Please welcome Timid 1 year old Rebel to the Releashed Rescue pack. Just out of animal control in time for Christmas. Rebel is

Timid with humans but warms up slowly. He is dog friendly especially with the new girl we sprung today(stay tuned). Rebel was a stray picked up by animal control same one as Maximus. It looks like he’s had a bit of a hard life. That hasn’t dampened his spirits. Luckily he is safe now and will enjoy lots of Christmas treats. Stay tuned for more updates on this precious boy!


My name is Roxy. I’m a divorced mother of six (all who have left the nest, Thank you Jesus!) who’s looking for a second chance at love.

I left my Ex in Alabama and came to Releashed Rescue looking to find someone awesome.

Lets get the obvious things out on the table and clear the air. I’m not short. I’m fun sized, vertically efficient, adorable, dainty, & great at hugging.

I’m Jackie Joyner-Kersee fast. I can go from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds flat to pick off a squirrel, or anything else that moves.

All of you cani-cross, urban mushing & sled team racers, listen up - I’m your fast track ticket to the top of the podium. I may be small, but I have the heart of a 6’ 4” linebacker and I pull harder than ALL of the other huskies in the program, including the boys. Ever see the movie Rudy? Notice how Rudy and Roxy are SUPER similar names? Coincidence? I think not!

Other qualities include:

Personal trainer

Dish washer

Small mammal management

Gourmet cook specializing in puff pastries

And, I’m only 1 month away from being a certified unicorn life coach

I’m about 2 yrs old, good with other dogs, crate trained, & love to play hard with my pal, Julian.

My guilty pleasures include eating Marie Callender's burnt pumpkin pies, binge-watching Ozark on Netflix, and a nice Chardonnay in the evenings while eating ice cream straight from the container.

If you adopt me, not only will YOU look taller when I stand next to you, but I will also bring my sparkly step ladder so I can look you dead in the eyes and telepathically convey all of my daily short girl problems every night over dinner.

Who out there wants to chase small things, drink wine and eat ice cream together?


Lily was picked up with Rebel and is the jingle to his bell!!! Rebel is a different dog with Lily in the house. She is human and dog friendly. She knows sit And some basic commands. It looks like a she’s had a bit of a hard life but That hasn’t dampened her spirits. Luckily she is safe now and will enjoy lots of Christmas treats. Stay tuned for more updates on this precious girl! We would love to find Lily and rebel a Home together.


Annalise is a grey and white beauty. Annalise was an owner surrender and out of time at a high kill shelter. Owners probably used her up from overbreeding. She loves to play but is also perfectly content to sit on the couch and watch TV.  Annalise would be considered a senior probbly 9-10 years old. She is sweet once she gets comfortable but fearful and barks at new people. Annalise was treated for ectopic ureters and is doing great but will need to be on estrogen and proin for life. She would do best in a quiet home with out children.  she loves other calm male dogs but wil not tolerate crazy ones!   Don't you have the room for a lovable girl?


My name is Shiloh and I’m a 5 year old husky. I love to play with toys, chase a ball and take walks. I greet everyone I meet with kisses, and I like to put my head in your lap so you can massage my thick mane. I’m gentle taking treats and I’m housebroken. My ideal person or family would want me as a companion and have time for me, because I really love being with people. I like other dogs as long as they like to play!


Queen is a wonderful dog around 11-12 years. She will take some time to adjust to a new home.  She came from an extreme neglect situation and is doing well with me but still is skittish around new situations or people.  It is amazing how resilient animals are!  She was malnourished and living in a pen for years with little human contact.  She loves other dogs and will play for hours but will wait to come in the door until the coast is clear of humans.  She does not love the human touch but will tolerate it and show no aggression when touched, just discomfort.  Queen will thrive in a calm, quiet household with another dog and lots of love.  


Stetson was in need of a rescue willing to take him because he is heartworm positive. He’s such a sweet boy and heartworms are not a death sentence so we took this gorgeous boy. He’s loving living indoors. Looks like he was previously an outdoor dog due to the fly strikes to his ears. He’s a big boy that’s super sweet and goofy please give us a couple months to get him healthy and ready for his active new family!


Julian is an approximately 2-year-old male husky is already fitting in at the rescue!!! Julian was out of time at a local animal control. He is a tall boy but only weighs 48lbs. He is such a love! He is a typical husky that will thrive on structure, lots of exercise and hopefully a fun loving playmate. Julian already knows some basic commands. He would benefit from some rules, boundaries, structure and lots of love but what husky wouldn’t? Stay tuned as we get to know Julian!​​


Hello my name is Ringo! My favorite color is red oh yea and black. I was Surrendered to animal control because my owner couldn’t find a place that would take the breed after the lease was up. I am about a year old now and I’ve been with my previous owner since eight weeks old. I love car rides. I am good with kids and other dogs. I love to play ball, a pick six is my specialty. I am crate trained, Housetrained and on hw preventive. Don’t you have room for a high energy sweetie??



Lobo is a warm hearted affectionate 2 yr old male husky. He loves to be walked, and loves even more to romp in the park with all the other dogs. He’s even good with cats(although that doesn’t necessarily mean all cats). He’s enjoying his stay with us and loves being part of the pack with my other 2 dogs. He’s fallen in line with the pecking order right away. Lobo is up to date with his shots and has been fixed and is heartworm negative. He wants a home with someone who can focus lots of love and attention on him. He’ll make a wonderful pet and a great addition to you home!!!


WE NEED FOSTERS we have three undersocialized male puppies about 16 weeks old. We have one non-socialized female 16 week old. Would love to find individual fosters for each dog that have the time and patience to work with a puppy and teach them how to live in the human world. Please email if you can help. These dogs deserve a second chance.