Please welcome skinny Lexi to the Releashed rescue pack. Lexi was out of time at a South Carolina shelter and she was so emaciated we couldn’t stand to see her suffer. We are feeding her small meals multiple times a day to put some weight on her. She had puppies in the not too recent past and someone shaved her. She is so sweet and deserves a loving forever home. Stay tuned for updates as we fatten this little girl up. Poor girl only weighs 36 pounds.


Hi: My name is Xena, but I am not a warrior princess. Rather I am a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky, true red-head. My tail wags almost constantly when my people are around me as I so love human company. My start in life was not the easiest, but I love each day and want to spend a long, happy life with someone who will call me their own. I have not been raised in the house, but have easily taken to sleeping in a crate and learning house training skills. My foster home is giving me a chance to learn basic skills such as sit, down, stay, and come. These are all really hard, but I am a willing learner. My foster parents remark that I am a quick learner and really smart.

I make friends easily and enjoy the company of humans and other dogs. I find that cats are something to herd and chase, so I will not be suitable for a home that has cats.

If you are looking for a beautiful red dog full of playful energy and up for anything, I am your gal.


Lulu is settling into her foster home very well. Despite any unkindness that has been shown to her, she is extremely sweet and loving. She gets along with her foster siblings. She’s your average wild husky puppy. She is going to need training, rules, and boundaries, but she listens well and aims to please. She loves doing zoomies and chewing on all the bones and toys she can get her paws on. She’s probably around 8 months old. Lulu would love to find an active forever home.


Bio coming soon!



Please welcome adorable husky/Pyrenees mix, DD. DD is about a year old and loves life. She does well with dogs her size and loves to play with her toys and people. DD Was surrendered to a north Georgia animal shelter because she was more than the family could handle. Obviously, they have never had a husky(lol). DD will do best with an active family. Let us know if you would like To add her to your family.


Annalise is a grey and white beauty. Annalise was an owner surrender and out of time at a high kill shelter. Owners probably used her up from overbreeding. She loves to play but is also perfectly content to sit on the couch and watch TV.  Annalise would be considered a senior probbly 9-10 years old. She is sweet once she gets comfortable but fearful and barks at new people. Annalise was treated for ectopic ureters and is doing great but will need to be on estrogen and proin for life. She would do best in a quiet home with out children.  she loves other calm male dogs but wil not tolerate crazy ones!   Don't you have the room for a lovable girl?


Axel 7 month Belgian Malinois - male

Ladies and Gentlemen, your time has come. I’m serious – just stop reading and message me right away, because I am the best thing that could ever happen to you on the internet. Better than gym selfies. Better than 24 Facebook likes. And even better than kitten GIFs.

If we’re being honest, I’m probably not really the “best thing” ever. I have a total of 3 flaws & they are as follows:

1. I don’t have Jon Snow’s flowing locks.

2. Sometimes I wash my lights with my darks.

3. I never ask for directions – ever…which is why ended up taking that left instead of a right on Peachtree Industrial leading to a series of events which resulted in becoming the awesome TriPaw I am.

Maybe you can look past these 3 things because I truly am one of the best dogs. As a Belgian Malinois, I’m one of the most trainable dogs on the planet and I already have several commands under my collar (including sit, stay, leave it & ringing the bells on the door handle when nature calls).

As for my career…I got my first taste of what it means to be an entrepreneur when I was just a young pup, selling 25 cent cups of lemonade while living on a 10 ft chain in the scorching hot summer Georgia sun. Since getting out of a terrible home environment and coming to Releashed Rescue, I’ve moved on to buying and selling Internet companies, however, while I love it here, I’m looking to settle down and become a family man, watch over the kiddos, dabble in home security, sample the Mrs’ cooking from time to time, play some fetch, enjoy a fine wine and a good movie Friday nights.

Now don’t let the 3 leg thing freak you out, TriPaws like me can do pretty much everything my 4 legged brethren do except I don’t jump up on people, which I hear is a good thing. I walk, run, go up and down stairs, pee standing up, swim, wrestle, get on the couch, fetch, drink out of the toilet…you name it.

I’m the perfect guy for a family who has always wanted a super high energy working class breed like a Malinois, but maybe aren’t down with running a marathon every day.

Get your applications in today, as not only am I brutally handsome, I have some mad arts and crafts skills and together we can make your house a home.

House trained: Yes

Vet: Fully vetted, neutered & Heartworm negative

Dogs: dog friendly - needs at least one other dog family member

Cats: No cats

Leash trained: yes

Kids: Axel loves kids, one of the most gentle dogs I’ve seen with kids. He has been around kids in his foster home ages 6 & up.



Queen is a wonderful dog around 11-12 years. She will take some time to adjust to a new home.  She came from an extreme neglect situation and is doing well with me but still is skittish around new situations or people.  It is amazing how resilient animals are!  She was malnourished and living in a pen for years with little human contact.  She loves other dogs and will play for hours but will wait to come in the door until the coast is clear of humans.  She does not love the human touch but will tolerate it and show no aggression when touched, just discomfort.  Queen will thrive in a calm, quiet household with another dog and lots of love.  


Meet Maverick, an approximately 3-4 year old husky. Maverick was out of time at animal control. Mav and his friend Bongo were picked up together over the fourth. Sadly no owners showed up to bring them home. Stay tuned as we get to know this sweet boy and his friend.


Do you hate it when a perfectly beautiful woman wears too much make up? Well I do too! My name is Sparrow I was named after Johnny Depp from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I am a make up artist to the stars. Actually I don’t do much make up but I’m great at cleaning your face. You don’t need those fancy wipes or make up remover. Just me!!! Let me see what else are my strengths? I love other dogs. I love people too! But some of them scare me so I need a slower introduction to some scary people. Please don’t apply unless you love doggy kisses. That’s what I do best.


Please welcome sweet Graylynn To the Releashed rescue pack. She's amazingly sweet and dog/cat friendly 45 lb girl. She is maybe 2-4 years old. She is looking for a new home because her Previous owners turned her into a kill shelter because they couldn’t keep her where they lived. Seriously I would be living on the streets. Don’t get a dog if there’s a chance you can’t keep them! Graylynn deserves a second chance and that’s why we pulled her. Stay tuned for future updates!!!


Please welcome nine-month-old Dakota to the Releashed rescue pack. Dakota is a sweet girl that loves other dogs and people of all ages. Dakota has lived with cats but she thinks they are fun to chase! Stay tuned as we get to know this sweet girl



Hi Releashed:Thank you for rescuing me from that rural animal shelter in Northeast GA. I am most grateful. My foster family says I am already a sweet and lovable guy. I licked Mom on her face when she put me in the truck for my ride to the farm. They already gave me a good brushing and I feel so much better losing that 10 pounds of winter fur. I briefly met Moon PI, Astro, and Penny ( she is here while her family is out of town this week). No overt interest in any of them. I am pretty chill. I am told that later this afternoon we will take a short leash walk through the pastures and possibly see the horses and barn cats. The only human word in my present vocabulary is "sit". I am told that is good to know! Mom says she would send more photos later. Thor