Balto is a one year old full of energy and always in play mode. He likes other dogs and shows mild curiosity with the cats. He loves leash walks and playing with his most dog pals. He has good house manners and is crate trained. Fully vetted. Balto will need a home experienced with the Husky breed. He knows basic obedience commands and is learning more all the time.


My name is Marley! Thank you so much for showing interest in me. I am an 11 month old, Great Pyrenees and Labrador Retriever mix or so, that’s what they tell me. I’m all white except for these beautiful rust colored spots I have on my ears, face, and lower back.

I am a spunky girl who has a lot of energy so a family who can keep up with me would be great. If you like walking, hiking, and running then I’m your gal. I also love other dogs so a doggy sibling in my new home is a must. I am crate trained, although continuing that training with me at this age, would probably be best for me. I’m also potty trained (between me and you I EXCEL at this) and my current mom is working her hardest on strengthening my commands and obedience as well.

Please keep In mind that I am still a puppy and so along with that comes puppy behavior. But, be patient with me as I am a fast learner who is growing everyday and I’m super treat motivated so that always helps when trying to teach me something new! I love going to daycare which allows me interact and play with my doggy friends so I’m hoping whomever inquires about me would be willing to keep that up! It’s done wonders for my socialization. I’m looking for my forever family…could that be you? Ask about me today!


A crappy life he had. He’s is going to have a new loving life from the day you pulled him from animal control. We like the name Vader. He’s a tough boy, he’s been through so much, Just like Darth Vader & his fur is so black & we love Star Wars!

He talked a lot last night. He hasn’t pottied in his crate. He has met our girls & did great. He is now going into his crate on his on!. Giving him a break from the cone when I can watch him. He’s found the dog toy box & taken several bones & a toy in his crate! I’m getting him to sit for his treats! He’s a really good boy!. Also car ride back home last night, he rides great!


Genevieve came out of Animal Control south of the city. She is super shy but we are working to bring her out of her shell. Stay tuned for more updates as we get to know this sweet girl.


Please welcome adorable husky/Pyrenees mix, DD. DD is about a year old and loves life. She does well with dogs her size and loves to play with her toys and people. DD Was surrendered to a north Georgia animal shelter because she was more than the family could handle. Obviously, they have never had a husky(lol). DD will do best with an active family. Let us know if you would like To add her to your family.


Annalise is a grey and white beauty. Annalise was an owner surrender and out of time at a high kill shelter. Owners probably used her up from overbreeding. She loves to play but is also perfectly content to sit on the couch and watch TV.  Annalise would be considered a senior probbly 9-10 years old. She is sweet once she gets comfortable but fearful and barks at new people. Annalise was treated for ectopic ureters and is doing great but will need to be on estrogen and proin for life. She would do best in a quiet home with out children.  she loves other calm male dogs but wil not tolerate crazy ones!   Don't you have the room for a lovable girl?


Unfortunately, we were alerted to another male husky that had been hit by a car in a Metro Atlanta shelter. We picked him up this morning and he is at our vet with a broken femur. His name is Mino and he is a little 35 lb boy. Stay tuned for updates.


Queen is a wonderful dog around 11-12 years. She will take some time to adjust to a new home.  She came from an extreme neglect situation and is doing well with me but still is skittish around new situations or people.  It is amazing how resilient animals are!  She was malnourished and living in a pen for years with little human contact.  She loves other dogs and will play for hours but will wait to come in the door until the coast is clear of humans.  She does not love the human touch but will tolerate it and show no aggression when touched, just discomfort.  Queen will thrive in a calm, quiet household with another dog and lots of love.  


Meet Maverick, an approximately 3-4 year old husky. Maverick was out of time at animal control. Mav and his friend Bongo were picked up together over the fourth. Sadly no owners showed up to bring them home. Stay tuned as we get to know this sweet boy and his friend.



Do you hate it when a perfectly beautiful woman wears too much make up? Well I do too! My name is Sparrow I was named after Johnny Depp from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I am a make up artist to the stars. Actually I don’t do much make up but I’m great at cleaning your face. You don’t need those fancy wipes or make up remover. Just me!!! Let me see what else are my strengths? I love other dogs. I love people too! But some of them scare me so I need a slower introduction to some scary people. Please don’t apply unless you love doggy kisses. That’s what I do best.


Please welcome sweet Graylynn To the Releashed rescue pack. She's amazingly sweet and dog/cat friendly 45 lb girl. She is maybe 2-4 years old. She is looking for a new home because her Previous owners turned her into a kill shelter because they couldn’t keep her where they lived. Seriously I would be living on the streets. Don’t get a dog if there’s a chance you can’t keep them! Graylynn deserves a second chance and that’s why we pulled her. Stay tuned for future updates!!!




7 months old

Female, crate trained

�Here are the quick and dirty facts so you can get back to clicking through my amazing transformation photos:

I’m a terrible liar and an excellent +1. You can usually find me managing my wildlife collection, hitting the gym, or catching up with a friend over cocktails and tapas. I’m incredibly judgmental…when it comes to T-bone steaks. Otherwise, I’m pretty easygoing.

I came from a terrible living situation of a crappy owner who dumped me and my sister, Jasmine, at a shelter after letting us get mange. The folks at Releashed Rescue and Barkfield Animal Hospital worked hard to get us fixed up and back to furry level 3, and I’m ready for my new home with you.

So what am I doing with my life now while waiting for you to come adopt me? When I’m not at the kennel, you can often find me visiting the kind of far off destination that requires a passport. Remote locations like Santiago or Zanzibar have always spoken to me. But usually it’s in Spanish or Swahili…given I speak fluent dog I can’t understand a word they’re saying. So daily walks at the ranch have to do. Prefer to find a travel companion with a yacht, but cool with anyone who knows how to scratch ears and belly.

Gets your application in now and let’s travel and sample steaks together.