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Releashed Rescue is a 501(c)(3). The only way we can continue to operate and continue to save so many dogs is through the generous support of kind people like you!

Releashed Rescue is one of the few rescues who will never turn a dog down because of his or her medical needs. We will never “pull the plug” because a treatment is too expensive. We will fight tooth and nail to support our dogs in every way that we can. And we can only do this with your help!

We guarantee we will get the very most out of every donation. We work with excellent vet and training partners who give us significant discounts because they believe in our mission of saving innocent dogs and finding them loving forever homes. Our administrative costs are next to nothing, and our volunteers are here because they care — just like you!


Releashed Rescue Adopted Foster Dog Cowboy

If you want to know exactly where your donation is going please write in the memo section of paypal what it is you'd like to donate to.  You may have a particular foster that stands out to you and you'd like to give to their care or if you'd like to donate to our building fund to help Releashed Rescue get the facility up and running. We love for our donators to get to choose what they are donating to.

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