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Releashed Rescue Adopted Foster Dog
How do I become a foster parent?

If you'd like to become a foster parent for Releashed Rescue we require that a foster application be filled out, signed, and submitted below. (please allow up to 72 hours for your application to be reviewed) or fax to 866-889-4959.  We will then also require a home visit.

Email with any questions regarding your application.

Do I get to pick the dog that I foster?

Absolutely!  For your first dog that you foster for us you'll need to pick from the dogs that we already have in the program.  If everything goes well with your first foster you're welcome to pick another already in the program or from a shelter once they are adopted.  We suggest going to local shelters and meeting different dogs that interest you.  Once you've found the dog that you're willing to commit to just get in touch with your areas foster coordinator.  They will come out to the shelter with you to approve the dog and have Releashed's rescue license so you can pull the dog that day.  

What if I cannot foster all the time?

No problem.  We also need foster homes that can take dogs on a short term basis when fosters go out of town.  

What if my foster has to go to the vet?

Releashed Rescue will cover any medical costs your foster has.  Simply call the adoption coordinator to discuss the visit and they can help you get a visit set up with the approved vet.

Releashed Rescue Adotped Foster Dog Blue
Can't foster? Have no fear there's always plenty to do.  

We always need volunteers for 

  Transporters (from the shelter, to and from the vet, to and from adoption events, etc.)

  Adoption Event Organizers

  Home visitors 


  Administrative Helpers


To find out how you can help email us at

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